Nothing changed in my life until I changed. Self-discipline and mastering procrastination have been key factors in my success and overall happiness.

But fuck me, it’s hard isn’t it?

I’ll always tell it like it is. I’ll share my honest, unfiltered, powerful and inspirational journey of self love, self belief and self trust in the hope it will inspire you to #PullYourFinger on your own goals.

I write for people like me who have real lives and struggle to hold their shit together (totally normal) while they make steps to achieve those burning goals and desires.

I believe self discipline and learning to love productivity is a “necessary pimple to be popped on the ass of adulthood”. I promise you that with practice, you too can easily weave the life changing magic of daily action into your life and business.

Yes, it’s boring and it’s an ongoing process but learning to love the initial discomfort of discipline leads to developing a life of freedom.

I’m glad you’re here. Let’s get started on this magical and life changing process of seeing what you’re capable of.

Gemma is a BBC Radio presenter, best selling author, communications specialist and always the most filthy person in a WhatsApp group chat. She should probably establish the first chapter of Oversharers Anonymous.

When she’s not writing, broadcasting or speaking you’ll find her living a manic, fun and rewarding life with her son, Blake and equally nutty husband, Shaun in their cottage in the countryside.