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Sick of feeling stuck?Know you need to #PullYourFingerOut but you can’t seem to even get started?Know you need a short, sharp kick into action?

Then take the 7 Days to #PullYourFingerOut challenge and take action on your goals.

This super quick, efficient challenge-style programme takes place over 7 consecutive days and aims to get you taking efficient action and taking action FAST.You could achieve more in 7 days than you have done for the last 7 weeks!

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It isn’t going to be easy.

You’ll need to drop your own BS and excuses.

You’ll be READY and fired up to take action.That’s because you’re sick of being annoyed at yourself.

You’re sick of knowing you’re MADE FOR MORE.

You want to see what you’re TRULY capable of.Let’s not waste any more time reading about how painful life is when you don’t take action and instead let’s get you excited for the next 7 days.

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Included in this super powerful, life changing and shit shifting 7 day programme:

  1. 1your guide to the best, most effective energising morning routine for the next 7 days
  2. 2week long workbook with daily morning journal prompts to remind you how awesome and capable you are and instantly make you feel more positive
  3. 3week long workbook with daily morning journal prompts
  4. 4daily planner to time block your tasks every day
  5. 5weekly planner to plan out what you want to achieve throughout the week
  6. 6productivity audio tracks that alter your brain waves and get your laser focused
  7. 7Pomodoro time tracking guide and daily worksheet so you get shit done
  8. 87 days of short, inspirational videos to keep you on track

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It does not matter what it is you need help to #PullYourFingerOut on. It could be:

  1. 1a work project
  2. 2your accounts/finances
  3. 3your social media content creation
  4. 4generating sales leads
  5. 5writing a book
  6. 6organising your home
  7. 7starting a fitness regime

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This super charged, highly valuable 7 day intensive programme will shift the shit and get you to achieve your actions in this week-long challenge.No, we don’t offer this challenge for free. Over five years of research has gone into this highly efficient and effective 7 day challenge to help you take action. There is also science and studies that backs up the perceived value of any product of service. If you receive this for free, you won’t value it and take it seriously. You won’t complete it if you do it for free, so we add an investment so you’re 85% more likely to complete it AND it has a huge positive impact on your life.Your investment in the programme is your own investment in yourself. You will be paying to challenge yourself and use what you learn in this short, intensive week-long challenge that you can use for LIFE. We know what you learn in this 7 day challenge could be PRICELESS!

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The printable materials can be re-printed and used forever. The audio tracks can be used for the long term and you can refer back to the emails and videos at any time in the future when you need to #PullYourFingerOut.Once you’ve invested in the programme, you never need to invest again as the powerful productivity, organisation and concentration materials are yours FOR LIFE!At the end of the week you’ll look back with pride, shock and admiration for yourself and your own productivity. You’ll learn exactly what you’re capable of and taking action will feel easier from this point forward.We’ve kept the price super low for anyone wanting to take part.To secure your place and begin your 7 day challenge, click below to invest the super-low price of £23 and gain access to your challenge materials instantly.

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