OK, not really.

Well, maybe a little bit.

You see I wrote my latest book Stop Procrastinating in Six Steps in a couple of hours.

I should point out that the process of then getting said couple of hours of work into print took WEEKS but the point is the initial writing process was a piece of piddle.

The idea came from my friend Leah who lives over in sunny Australia. She made a joke when I released my second book that she was procrastinating on reading the book about procrastinating.

Around the same time, I was also asked what my husband thought of my books.

My husband has never read a single word I have had printed. Yet he’s EXACTLY the type of person that I want to help. The type of person who doesn’t know where on earth where to start when they’re stuck.

Knowing that my husband Shaun might just read a book that was less than 30 pages long and taking Leah’s smart-arse wit to the shower (where all the best thoughts happen) I decided to write a mini-book. One that could be read in less than an hour.

To really get people to think and take action I decided to add exercises into the short book that would help people come top some answers themselves.

Because I know we all know deep down what to do for the best. It is reaching deep down to those answers that’s the hardest part of the process. I wanted my mini-book and exercises to be that helping hand to reach for those answers and help people take guaranteed action.

This is why I’m annoyed. (But not really).

This short, mini, took-no-time-at-all publication is ALREADY having such an impact and changing lives. Those who have read my first two books are telling me that while they loved those books and those books really helped them be more productive it is this mini-book that is having the most profound change and transformation stories.


The reviews are still coming in and the beta readers have been so amazing in their help with changes, suggestions and feedback. (If you’ve got one of my books and haven’t yet left a review, please consider taking a couple of minutes to do so as it helps an independent author like me so much).

Thank you for your support over the launch of the two books I released today. I am deeply grateful for the feedback, reviews, praise, critique and support.

Gem ♥️