Get ready to set your most powerful intentions for 2023 and beyond with my FREE goal-setting workbook.

This free printable workbook encourages you to reflect on 2022 and the lessons learned while then focusing on 2023 and what you want to achieve.

These 20 powerful questions will help you celebrate everything you achieved in the year just gone, while looking forward to next year and all that is possible for you.

This workbook has been white-labelled by other businesses I have worked for and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the reactions of those who have used it.

I’ve never put this out to my own audience though (I always give away my best stuff to clients!) but this year I wanted to share it with you.

Why Reflect Back

If, like me, you’ve had an absolute shitter of a year it can be too easy to spend this last week of December saying;

“I can’t wait to see the back of this year.”
“I just want this year to be over.”
“2022 can fuck off.”
“2023 is MY year!”

As we sit on our sofas, wondering what frigging day it is, determined to hold out on the big shop for one day longer (you’ve still got cheese, brandy butter, and 43 selection boxes as sustenance after all) you start to mope. You can end up focusing on the negatives and forgetting about all the good that also happened too.

Because, even if you’ve had the worst year of your life ever (me! That’s me! Hands up that’s me!) there are ALWAYS moments of joy, love, happiness, pride and connection. And even in the shit times, there are valuable lessons to be learned.


Why Focus Forwards

It’s all very well saying “2023 is my year!” but if you don’t get some clarity on what you want in 2023 and how you will get there, you might find yourself back in this cycle of being in a December slump, wanting the year to be over and saying the same thing into 2024.

Since I wrote my first books, I do think times have changed. I really struggle with the ‘hustle hustle, go go go’ attitude of the tips and techniques in my books, but actually, I know I probably need to read them myself again right now! (Oh the irony!). There’s a place for motivation and giving yourself a hard kick up the arse, but there’s also equal importance on rest, recovery, stress reduction, and letting go of the need to control every aspect of your life.

This is why I like this workbook and I’m thankful to the old version of me who wrote it a few years ago. It’s a perfect mix of introspection and inspiration without being unnecessarily unkind to yourself. Because we all need compassion after these last few rough years when the world changed.


Download Your Copy

Whether you’ve got big plans to change the world in 2023 or you’re focusing on just having the ability to change your pants every day (no judgement) this workbook is for you.

Download your copy by clicking here.

I’d love to know how you find it. I’m going to work through it myself and share my findings as we move out of 2022 (so long sucker!) and into the hope and anticipation of 2023.



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