What happens when the person you love gets cancer?

I chatted to former Miami Pro bodybuilding champion, Sheldon Oscar and his girlfriend Sophie Baines about their lives since getting the news of Sophie’s cancer diagnosis.

Sheldon’s done a complete u-turn on what his life looked like before in terms of his nutrition and Sophie is embracing a new strict way of eating to manage her health.

The pair have always been super fit but they’ve made changes that have had positive results. They’re on a mission to help others with their food through their meal prep business and have such a brilliant outlook on life.

I was completely inspired by their positivity, resilience and dedication to their health. Their interview is well worth a watch.

Sheldon & Sophie – When Cancer Changes Your Whole Life

Sheldon & Sophie have done a u-turn on their nutrition and now eat for ultimate health and healing. Plus they make delicious healthy foods for others.Their journey individually and as a duo is one of inspiration, dedication and a passion for helping others.Join us live now!

Posted by Gemma Ray – Life Unfiltered on Thursday, April 30, 2020