Sorry I’ve been sh*t ?

This is going to be the headline on my email to my email subscribers.

This was also the image I used in my [Level:Up] The Level Up Community for Living Life Better with Gemma Ray Facebook group too.

Pretty much every social avenue I have as an author needs a short sharp jolt with imaginary defibrillator pads to get it going again.

That’s what happens though, isn’t it?

You put something off, you let things slide, or priorities change and then it just becomes so much harder to take that first step and take action.

I know this because I’ve been there so many times with so many aspects of my life. The health kick, the sorting out of the finances, the dreaded tax return, the sorting the kitchen drawer of random and utter shite. Taking that first step on tackling many things feels so hard and heavy when you’ve repeatedly put them off.

I like to think of life as moving in seasons.

I haven’t been in the right season to manage and maintain my author blogs, email newsletters, review appeals, course marketing and book marketing.

The season that has been 2021 has been focused on my full-time role at Body Smart Fitness, my son in lockdown and then changing schools, Honest to Gob Podcast and my health and fitness.

And that’s ok!

Because we can’t always do all the things. We sometimes have to understand it will happen in the next season, or maybe the one after that.

I’m moving into my next season right now. With two new books about to launch and aching close to my health goals, it’s time to support people again as you ?#PullYourFingerOut to take action on your goals.

I’m doing it for myself and I’m taking everyone along for the ride too! Buckle up!

Gem ♥️

Ps – still looking for beta readers of my third book out in two weeks. Will take you less than 45 mins to read! DM me if you’d like an advance digital copy and you’re happy to review on launch day.