Ever heard the phrase ‘Out of sight, out of mind?’

I want you to think about this phrase the next time you want to stop doing something and reverse it when you want to start a new habit.

What’s in Your Eye Line?

Want to reduce cravings for certain foods like sweets, crisps and nuts?

Want to reduce your desire for alcohol?

Want to reduce the craving for a cigarette?

Want to floss more? 

Take your vitamins every day?

Drink more water?

Work out at home?

Stick to your tasks?

Then you could achieve all of the above by focusing on what is in your line of vision.

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Get It Out of Sight

I’m all about making life easy for yourself. I am a big believer in using what is in your sight to your advantage and removing temptation out of your eye line so that you’re more likely to win and achieve your goals.

Today is the first day of December. It means the Cadbury’s celebrations boxes will start infiltrating our homes along with multiple cans of Pringles and Twiglets. The number one way to reduce eating these kinds of typical festive foods would be to not buy them in the first place, but I know that isn’t always possible.

One of my 1:1 accountability mentoring clients has been reporting feeling like “One trim mother fucker!” over the last 8 weeks. I’ve helped him adopt intermittent fasting into his daily routine and drop some mega calorie snacks that were dominating his dinner times. Along with a shed load of other daily actions around his sleep, mindset, work, hobbies and family, his eating habits and cravings have significantly reduced. Now we are into December he was worried that his wife (who has a lot more self-control than him) would be buying all these delicious goodies and his trim mother fucker-ness will be compromised.

As he doesn’t want to ask her to not buy them completely, I suggested that these treats need to live sealed in the cupboards. If you have them out on display, you’re more likely to want them. I know this because this too is something I have to adopt with my own cravings and eating habits. When I buy selection boxes for the kids in my life, they either have to get stored in the garage, or I place them in my highest cupboard that requires a step ladder to access the chocolatey goodness.

Placing things out of sight is so obvious, and I’m not telling you anything new or groundbreaking here. You might just need a reminder though, Go and look what treats and temptations might be derailing your progress and remove them out of sight.

Other Things You Can Put Out of Sight

I stopped drinking in February 2020, so this one doesn’t affect me anymore, but if you want to reduce your alcohol consumption, get it out of sight. If you’re a beer, wine, rose or Prosecco drinker put those drinks at the back of the cupboard or on top of the fridge. There’s nothing worse than craving wine or a beer, and the bottle is not chilled. Lukewarm fizz anyone? Urgh.

If you are trying to reduce the amount you smoke, put the cigarettes out of sight. 

If you spend too much time distracted by your mobile phone, put it away completely in a drawer. You are NOT missing anything by moving it out of sight and instead you will be helping yourself to stop the temptation of scrolling. 

Putting Things Top of Mind

On the flip side of putting things out of sight, what could you put in your eye line that will have a positive impact on you?

As I explain in the video, I usually refill my water bottle three times a day, and today I forgot to place it on top of my desk. Instead, it was on the floor beside my office chair. I think I’ve not consumed more than about 200ml today, which is rubbish for me. No wonder I have a bit of a headache and feel cranky. 

If you want to drink more water, put it in front of you.

If you want to floss your teeth regularly or use that moisturiser and toner or read more – get all those items out on display!

My family bought me an Instant Pot for my birthday. It is a slow cooker on steroids, and I love it. It can cook a whole chicken in 25 minutes! My husband said we should clear space in one of the cupboards to store it and I completely disagreed. The moment we do that it will end up full of dust – just like the blender and the juicer that live at the back of our cupboards! It is staying out on the worktops to remind us to use it regularly because it is BOSS!


Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, 6 Qt, 5.7 Litre, 1000 W, Brushed Stainless Steel/Black


If you want to stick to your work tasks and your schedule, have your planner or time blocked tasks in front of you.

If you want to improve your confidence and self-esteem, have affirmations in front of you to remind you how awesome and capable you are.

If you’d like to work out at home, get the weights in your eye line, put the yoga mat out and dust off the bike out of the garage.

It just makes your daily decision process that little bit easier if things are in sight and accessible.

There are many different ways you can put things at the front of your mind and in your eyesight to help you feel like you are winning.

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